Shift in US government would bring positive impacts on Afghan peace process: Experts

New US administration will promote peace in South Asia


Rahim Ullah Yousafzai (IR Expert): The shift in US government would bring positive impacts on the Afghan peace process. The tilt of the United States towards India is a prominent characteristic of every US administration. Islamabad also holds great significance for Washington DC as far as Afghan peace and safe withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is concerned. The USA is envious of China’s increasing influence and uses India as a proxy to contain China’s influence. The Joe Biden administration would adopt a careful attitude towards India. We hope that democratic representative would take corrective measures to stop the worst human rights violations in IIOJK. Pakistan must continue its diplomatic efforts to highlight the issue of Kashmir and convince the US administration to resolve this issue in accordance with the will of Kashmiri peopleDr. Sania Nishtar (Special Advisor to PM): Kamyab Jawan Program is an appreciable step taken by the government to facilitate and support young entrepreneurs. Ehsas Program is a merit based program specially designed for the marginalized segments of the society. We are committed to uplift the lives of tribal people under the umbrella of Ehsaas initiatives. Uzma Jadoon (Member PTI): Development of tribal districts is the foremost priority of Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is need of the hour to take effective measures to uplift under privileged and marginalized segments of the society and give them the opportunities like other parts of the country. The people of FATA deserve a good education system and equal economic opportunities for respectable survival. The incumbent government is highly concerned with the betterment and welfare of the tribal people. The PM has directed to include the youth of FATA in every national youth program. The PM has also announced a special package for the people of Wana. The tribal area was badly affected by the wave of terrorism. Now it is responsibility of the government to address the grievances of the victims of terrorism.Najam-ud-Din Sheikh (Former Ambassador): Joe Biden is an experienced and seasonal politician. He has great knowledge of the South Asian political atmosphere. Joe Biden realizes the importance of peace in South Asia and understands the fact that any confrontation between two nuclear states can bring catastrophic consequences. Joe Biden administration is also concerned with the worst human rights violations in IIOJK. It is hoped that the new government in Washington DC would convince India to resolve all the issues with Pakistan through negotiations.




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