Shift in US government would bring positive impacts on Afghan peace process: Experts

Long war in Afghanistan has badly affected the economy of United States


Rahimullah Yousafzai – Expert on Afghan Affairs, states that  We all know that there are many peace spoilers and non-stake actors that are creating hurdles in ongoing Afghan peace process. There are many peace facilitators as well. In my opinion, at this point of time the peace facilitators have the upper hand as the peace negotiations are going on smoothly. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is in contact with 20 government negotiators engaged in dialogue with Taliban in Doha. I am hopeful that the newly elected US president will have close eye on present situation in Afghanistan and the way the peace dialogues are underway. I am also hopeful that Taliban may be convinced for ceasefire if the dialogues continue to move forward in positive directions. Joe Biden is a mature politician and he will definitely deal with the peace spoilers in Afghan peace process. Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan, IR Expert -It is a positive development that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is determined for the positive outcome of underway peace dialogue for peaceful and stable Afghanistan. All the stakeholders will have to develop a consensus for restoration of peace in the war-torn country. So far, serious efforts from the major stakeholders towards fruitful outcome of intra-Afghan dialogue are being observed. Pakistan has always a narrative of Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process that has been acknowledged across the globe. The long war in Afghanistan has badly affected the economy of United States and now US is willing to end this war by all means. I am hopeful that new US administration will definitely took all possible measures for the respectful withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. The shift in US government would bring positive impacts on Afghan peace process. The tilt of United States towards India is a prominent characteristic of every US administration. Islamabad also holds great significance for Washington DC as far as Afghan peace and safe withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is concerned. The USA is envious of China’s increasing influence and uses India as a proxy to contain China’s influence. The Joe Biden administration would adopt a careful attitude towards India. We hope that democratic representative would take corrective measures to stop the worst human rights violations in IIOJK. Pakistan must continue its diplomatic efforts to highlight the issue of Kashmir and convince the US administration to resolve this issue in accordance with the will of Kashmiri people.


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