Sherry Rehman urges citizens to take personal safety measures during monsoons


Islamabad: Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman has urged the national and provincial disaster management authorities and relevant local authorities to take all-out precautionary measures to cope with possible disastrous impacts of the expected monsoon rains. In a statement on Monday, she said provincial governments must exercise vigilance and preparedness for the upcoming monsoon to brace for low to high-intensity floods.She said Pakistan will experience monsoon rains until atleast August this year, during which period the rainfall is expected to be above normal over Punjab and Sindh. Meanwhile, the Climate Change Ministry has also issued a Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding sensitivity alert to the authorities in Gilgit Baltistan and KP owing to the prevailing weather conditions triggered by global warming. The Ministry has advised all citizens to take personal safety measures like, driving slowly to react better to road conditions, avoiding flooded areas and remaining abreast with the weather situation, staying away from accumulated water around electrical installations.

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