Shaping Narratives


Strong cohesion between media and state is vitally essential, the effort should be strongly supported by the media to facilitate the national image building as a brand new enterprise for Pakistan in a concerted drive to prove to the world that we deserve a different, broader, and more positive national image. The emergence of international media conglomerates has further ignited the complexity of image building, therefore, the government and concerned authorities need to regulate these services in accordance with international standards for effective utility of media services for the projection of real image and avert propaganda against state. The state must liaise with media houses, news channels, and journalists to play a more robust role in addressing more substantive national issues, shaping moral values, and place ratings as secondary. Clear distinction and keeping a balanced approach between Media and national interest is a missing link in Media policies, therefore it this gap must be fulfilled to ensure coherence for farming the narratives aligned with national interests. There is a need to priorities reforms to media policies that strengthen and build the media as an industry, as opposed to focusing narrowly on content regulation and content take-down, in particular that tarnish the national image at large. At national level, Pakistan’s real image promotion potentially necessitates state driven capacity building of media houses, digital media platforms, and media persons to present Pakistan’s narrative and put forward a strong case fighting against the hybrid warfare. Government and media can opt integrated approach for image building that potentially necessitates combination of vision, creativity, and collective efforts of all the key stakeholders. Media can set agenda to promote the real Pakistan image through Tourism promotion, branding Exported products and services, Selling policy decisions and beliefs, Soliciting inward Investment, Cultural Exchange and Sports. It is a fact that responsible media can protect the national interest by removing misconceptions of the world and to offset the impression often created in the western media through highlighting the accomplishments made by Pakistan at domestic and international front.


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