Shaking Off Habits


The media played an exemplary part in persuading individuals regarding the requirement for disposing of plastic bags. Through the art of influence, media has prevailed with regards to making people understand the significance of hygiene, global climate change, change in food and sartorial habits however so far it has failed to convince individuals about the requirement for surrendering the naturally harmful habit of utilizing non-degradable plastic shopping bags. It is undoubtedly astounding! Plastic bags have been prohibited in the federal capital since a year ago, as a feature of Prime Minister’s Clean Green Pakistan campaign. It is currently unlawful to produce, sell, and distribute plastic bags in the city, yet the Ministry of Climate Change recently seized 20 tons of plastic bags during various raids.

Realizing the serious harm that plastic bags cause to the environment i.e. clogging the storm water drains, non-recycled, non-degradable, toxic, and creating pacific garbage, some citizens switched to clothed bags but many continued to harm the ecology by not shaking off the habit of using plastic bags. It is business, of course, plastic bags are way cheaper than others and stores charge a fee for the cloth bags they provide. It is because of these reasons that the old bags drove out the new degradable bags.

An environmental law declared in 2014, prohibits the production, sale, and import of merchandise of non-degradable plastic. Be this law, in the same way as other different laws, exists just on the rule books. A year ago, the government and authorities had given producers and retailers two months to end their loads and stocks of the non-recycled plastic bags. Nobody has paid heed to the government’s deadline. The Sindh Environment Protection Agency asserts the restriction and ban on plastic bags stays and violators being rebuffed. Nonetheless, the power of influence and persuasion ought not to be disregarded. Persuasion is often more compelling and effective than force.


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