Sensitizing world on situation in IoK


In the wake of Indian moves on changing the special status of occupied Kashmir, Pakistani diplomatic leadership must declare diplomatic emergency to undertake robust diplomatic offensive to sensitize Indian unjust and illegal actions worldwide. In this regard, special teams and delegations comprising all parties representatives must be sent to all the key capitals of the world as well as special meetings of the regional and international organizations like United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, European Parliament as well as ASEAN, SAARC must be convened on this issue.
Beside diplomatic offensive, the house must also be put on order to evolve national unity against Indian possible moves to change demographical order in occupied Kashmir. Moreover, armed forces must also be put on high alert to counter any possible aggressive move from the India as analysts are predicting such an adventurism from Indian fanatic leadership just to divert the International community’s focus from the boiling situation in occupied Kashmir. As a welcoming and positive signal, yesterday’s statement issued after the meeting of the Corps Commander has sent a strong message to India about Pakistan’s deep concerns over the situation in occupied Kashmir which has once again placed the Kashmir dispute on the world political scenario.
With the passage of each day, Indian hypocritical and shallow face is being exposed because the US has denied Indian claims of consulting Washington on its move. In this regard, the US Assistant Secretary Alice Wells categorically rejected Indian claim. Factually, Indian unjust and illegal move has put entire region on a flashpoint because Indian move has hurt both Pakistani and Chinese interests. Actually, India wants to sabotage old friendship and strategic cooperation between Pakistan and China.
In a bid to highlight the issue before the world, Pakistan can lead the way by persuading as many leaders as it can to speak up for the Kashmiris. The Muslim world must unite though, so far the world reaction to the Indian act seems nothing but ceremonial. US President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate between Islamabad and Delhi seems to have disappeared into thin air.
Pakistan must the world mobilize opinion through diplomatic channels to expose how India’s recent acts and deeds may destabilise the regional peace at a time when all the leadership in occupied Kashmir has shun their differences and united against India’s dubious designs. Hurriyat leaders such as Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yaseen Malik have openly challenged India unlawful occupation in the region, but now Delhi’s erstwhile loyalists in IHK have clearly rejected moves to annex Kashmir.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has done well to immediately talk to British counterpart, Saudi Crown Prince, the Malaysian Prime Minister and Turkish President and take them on board regarding Kashmir. However, the prime minister is required to work hard to awaken the conscience of the Muslim states to the latest Indian attack especially the gulf countries where millions of Indian workers in their countries, who are sending to their homes billions of dollars every year.

Another option for Islamabad is to persuade the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to play a result-oriented role to compel New Delhi to change its mind, which unfortunately failed to play no effective role in resolving the problems facing the muslim world; hence the Kashmir dispute would be litmus test for the OIC.
Pakistan could talk to permanent members of the UN Security Council particularly China to make India to reverse its controversial decision, as Beijing has always stood with Islamabad when Pakistan has been facing a challenge situation. Islamabad should also formed high-powered delegation and sent to the friendly countries and especially to Britain and Russian Federation to expose the Indian before the world.
The situation in Kashmir will be a test of Pakistan’s diplomatic skills, and whether it can wake the world of the slumber it usually adopts towards human rights violations in Kashmir. Pakistan should not give up on the UN so easily either- when it comes down to the facts of the case, India has violated international law, for which there are penalties in the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

Author is an Executive Editor of Mélange int’l Magazine and Secretary Information Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR)

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