Scars of History


Pakistan’s role in countering terrorism is being heap phrased by the proponent of perpetual peace. In past it has also faced allegations of holding and helping terrorist groups. However, the allegations have been proven wrong. Pakistan has played a significant role in the Afghan Peace Process by bringing all the stakeholders on negotiation table, the country has emerged as one of the key actors in promoting regional peace. Since 2001, the nation has likewise facilitated a huge number of Afghan refugees who fled the war on terror in Afghanistan. Moreover, the United States sees Pakistan as a strategic ally and a contentious.
Terrorism has also adversely affected Pakistan’s international trade. As a result, Pakistan has lost a bunch of its market shares and therefore finds it challenging to achieve its targeted growth rates. Pakistan launched military operations through its security forces i.e. Army and Frontier Corps etc. in its tribal areas to play its vigorous role in the war in against to terrorism for eliminating the terrorists from its land. The U.S. was concerned basically with the Soviet threat during the Cold War and has been centered on the threats from al-Qaeda and its Taliban partners since 9/11. Pakistan, conversely, has been principally worried about its struggle with India since the time the two got independence from British rule in 1947. Moreover, the Pakistani leadership has, characteristically, stayed focused on its contention with India. With the United States and NATO has reported that they will withdraw from Afghanistan between mid-2011 and the end of 2014, Pakistan appears to be more stressed than any time that the Karzai government will align itself with India to the impairment of Pakistan.

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