Save Future Generations


Climate change seems to be the mother of all the problems of the 21st century and an issue of grave concern for people’s lives and the country’s future. Climate change is not a perception, it is happening now due to the increasing level of global warming. Global warming is caused by the excessive emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. China, the US, and other industrialized countries are the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Pakistan is not even on the list of the top ten nations responsible for global warming. But unfortunately, it is on the 7th number in the list of countries most affected by global warming. The country is at great risk due to being surrounded by the major carbon emitters of the world, such as India and China. Due to the lack of proper understanding, most of the people in Pakistan consider climate change as just an increase in temperature and pollution, when in fact it is much worse than that and its impacts will be seen on future generations as well. The current government in Pakistan seems more ambitious to deal with the challenge. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan urged the world to deal with this global crisis at every possible platform. Apart from this, the government initiated the “Clean Green Initiative”, Billion tree Tsunami project for the plantation of trees to protect the environment. Trees are the most important source to clean the environment from carbon. To make the Billion tree Tsunami project successful, the government coincided a tree plantation event with the “World Scouts Day” to register the young force with the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami project to carry out plantation at a wider scale. The purpose of choosing this day for the launch of the plantation campaign is to encourage the youth to take responsibility for protecting their environment. Undoubtedly, this nation-centered approach will help to protect the green environment for the future generation of Pakistan.

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