Saudi regulator studies direct listing on main market


Mohammed ElKuwaiz, Chairman of the Capital Market Authority (CMA), said that direct listing on Nomu Parallel Market was successful, and a new player will be directly listed soon.

Moreover, the Saudi market regulator is planning to allow direct listing on the main market, taking into account the characteristics, nature and structure of the main market and the listed stocks.

Listing shares offer companies, including industrial players, various privileges, ElKuwaiz explained, noting that the regulatory frameworks do not discriminate between sectors, but rather include all firms.

These privileges include finance and marketing through listing, attracting cadres, supporting acquisitions and growth and maintaining the company’s sustainability.

Stock market listing is more favorable for some companies, especially those with a specified business model, clear structure, sound governance and well-studied plans.

Other companies that do not have a clear business model should attract more partners gradually and adopt clearer frameworks, ElKuwaiz concluded.

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