Sarah Hyland inspires with photo that exposes her scars


The Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland exposed the scars on her mid-section that have resulted from 16 surgeries, including two kidney transplants, in her short 28 years, in a public message to pal Ellen DeGeneres. Hyland made a joke about whether DeGeneres’s famous friend Jennifer Aniston (and Hyland’s former co-star) wore underwear featuring the talk show host’s face where people could see them. Fans were all about it. There were a lot of jokes about people wondering who Nelle was until they figured out that her boxers actually said Ellen. Mostly, though, people complimented Hyland on having the courage to flash her scars. The Scars make you, and I think that that is a beautiful thing. Thank you Sarah. I’ve struggled with my tummy scars since my son’s birth, and you putting it all out there means the world. Love the look im a breast cancer survivor scar from mastectomy but still have to do the reconstruction and once its all done im not at ashamed to hide my scar.. Thanks for being you to show its okay to be who you are with scars. Always remember your scars are just proof that you were #stronger than what tried to hurt you! #showyourscars #loudandproud because you are #everywoman and an #inspiration to always keep going. — VoM

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