Russia And western Democracy


In the Western media, the conflict in Ukraine is often characterized as a war between a Russian autocratic system and a strong democracy. It is considered as a war between a hegemonic country and a heroic one. It is like war of heroes against the evil ones. The need to stop the Russian invasion and to have the invading troops out of Ukraine. There has even been talk of taking the war into Russia and bringing about a regime change there.

Although the war is said to be as defense against democracy but it is said that if democracy is not defended in Ukraine. It will be under threat everywhere. It is under threat in Europe and in Central Asia.  And in the Pacific also a threat exists where China is carefully assessing the Western intent and capacity to maneuver.

However, do people in the West really care about democracy? In the recent elections in France, less than half the population turned out to vote. It was with abstention being the highest among the young. In Italy a referendum on matters related to the judicial system attracted only 20 per cent voters, and in a by-election for a national assembly seat only 10pc of eligible voters were up to turn up. In the United States the large sections of the population continue to reject the results of the last presidential election.

So if general public don’t pay attention to turn out to vote outcome of election can be either way. And even the cast of saving democracy in Ukraine is vote for war itself. As the cast of war inevitably hit the economy inflation is embedded in it.  It generates a conscious would people continue to support war or those material conditions can increase nationhood and continue war for democracy.

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