RSS led BJP regime executing massacre against Muslims, minorities: PM

PM expresses satisfaction over positive growth in country's export


ISLAMABAD, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) inspired ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been implementing a pogrom against the Muslims and all other minorities in India, and Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In an exclusive interview with ‘a News’, a Turkish news channel, the prime minister said the RSS was founded during 1920 and its founding fathers had been directly inspired by the Nazi party, and openly admired its racial and extremist policies.

The RSS philosophy, he said, led to racial supremacists as even Mahatama Gandhi was assassinated by an RSS zealot. But when Modi came to power, he responded to a pogrom against the Muslims as evident from his tenure as chief minister of Gujarat where hundreds of Muslims were killed and made homeless by the fanatic Hindus supremacists, he added.

The prime minister to a question said contrary to former Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee who was a moderate, Modi moved on the other way.

“The RSS followers believe that India is the country only for the Hindus to live in. Such a situation is not only dangerous for the Muslims, but also for the whole minorities in India,“ he said, tracing back the historical reasons for the RSS-BJP policies against the Muslims and Christians, who had ruled the Sub-continent.

The prime minister agreed that Modi was responsible for tense ties between the two countries.

He said when he came to power, his first move was to immediately improve relations with India. He asked Modi to build on friendship and move forward to find solutions to the issues but unfortunately, he did not respond.

Modi’s whole election campaign was based upon whipping up jingoistic and anti-Pakistan sentiments, he observed.

About the IIOJK issue, the prime minister said the United Nations Security Council resolutions had assured of holding of a free and fair plebiscite paving way for the right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people.

But India did not allow it to happen, he regretted and maintained that Kashmir had a special status due to those resolutions.

Modi’s government got rid of the special status of the disputed territory with its illegal actions of August in last year and now it was subsequently changing the demography of Kashmir, he added.

The prime minister said India had deployed about 800,000 military personnel in the IIOJK. There were daily reports about killings of innocent Kashmiris, besides whisking away of their youth. The whole Kashmiri leadership had been in prison or put under house arrest.

In these circumstances, the UNSC had recently taken up the issue for three times, “but sadly nothing is happening”.

He expressed his dismay that the United States and certain Western countries wanted India as their ally to act as a bulwark against China which “is a huge mistake”.
Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday congratulated the exporters and commerce ministry over positive growth of the country’s exports during the last two months, contrary to the negative trend in India and Bangladesh. According to official data, Pakistan’ exports grew by 8.32 percent in November last year against -9.07% of India and 0.76% of Bangladesh. Similarly, Pakistan’s exports jumped by 18.30% in December 2020 unlike a drop by -0.80% of India and -6.11% of Bangladesh. The prime minister said as per the regional export trends, the exports of India and Bangladesh for November and December 2020 showed negative growth, unlike Pakistan.

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