Rs12b subsidy for wheat growers allocated


our correspondent
Director General of Agricultural department Anjum Butter said on Wednesday federal government allocated 12 billion to subsidize the wheat growers across the country to achieve the annual target of producing one crore 96 tons wheat. Talking to a private news channel, he stated last year one crore 60 lac acre of land produced one crore and 83 tons wheat but for the new crop they had harvested one crore and 62 lac acre land, they were aimed to achieve the target of one crore and 96 lac tons wheat.
The federal government had decided to provide pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and other equipments on reasonable prices to facilitate the farmers,government would also educate the grain harvesters about taking the safe measures while growing crops,he mentioned. While replying to a question he said that all provincial governments would pay their due share of 40 percent in providing subsidy on all agricultural items.
Ramzan Ahmed a small farmer said government had ordered to sell necessary items on less prices but perhaps wholesalers, traders and dealers were unaware of the government orders and kept annoying them. “Instead of relieving us from tough times these black sheep has burdened us with usury and heavy loan as more than half of our hard earned money straightly go into their pockets,” he further complained. Another farmer from Punjab Ahmed Gul said, people who worked in fields and did hard work to grow crops but the traders and market dealers dodge the innocent folks by selling things on high prices.

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