Rosario Dawson touched by President Biden’s praise for boyfriend Cory Booker


Rosario Dawson has recalled the time when now-President Joe Biden heaped praise on her politician boyfriend Cory Booker.

The Sin City star has been dating the New Jersey Senator since 2018 and joined him in Washington, D.C. last week as Biden and his new Vice President, Kamala Harris, were sworn in.

During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she revealed she received a special shout out about her beau from the top man in the U.S. after Biden shared some thoughts with the actress last year.

“He (Biden) kind of pulled me aside and just had the most beautiful and effusive things to say about Cory,” Rosario smiled proudly. “He was talking about, ‘I married up (to new U.S. First Lady Jill Biden); I hope he (Booker) marries up.’

“He is very charming. It was really really nice to see the kind of respect and dignity that’s there between all of these folks, as colleagues, and it makes me really happy about… the work that can get done now, that we are introducing and seeing Cory be able to (do).”

Dawson insisted the ringing tribute from the U.S. leader was even sweeter because it came at a time when Biden and Booker were rivals, competing against each other and other Democrats for the chance to take on incumbent Republican Donald Trump in the November general election.

“This was just as they were going in to debate each other… and that made it that much more special,” she added.

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