Rogue Indian regime that threatens global stability must held accountable: PM

Bill Gates heap phrases Pakistan’s efforts to combat COVID-19 pandemic: PM



Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the international community to take notice of rogue Indian regime that now threatens the stability of the global system.In a tweet today, he said the revelations by European Union group DisinfoEU on the widespread Indian network of subversive activities vindicates Pakistan’s position & exposes its detractors.He said Pakistan has consistently drawn attention of international community to India’s subversive activities to undermine democracies in the region. He said it is exporting and funding extremism through structures of fake news organizations and think tanks.

The Prime Minster further said that the government has recently provided dossier to UN of India’s state terrorism in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan has once appealed the nation to fully follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in the winter season. He made the remarks following chairing a meeting of National Coordination Committee on Covid-19 in Islamabad today. Alluding to the rising cases of virus in the country with occupancy of beds in hospitals reaching almost forty percent across the country, the Prime Minister said the chances of the spread of the virus can be limited by only covering the face. He warned if the current trend of the virus persisted, it would put our hospitals, doctors and healthcare staff under tremendous pressure. Imran Khan said the opposition parties are holding public gatherings which increase the chances of the spread of the pandemic. He said by holding the gatherings, the opposition cannot put him or the government under pressure but they are putting the lives of people at risk.

He advised the opposition to postpone their gatherings for two to three months for the protection of lives of people.The Prime Minister pointed out that the wedding halls, restaurants and schools have been shut down as part of efforts to control the pandemic. He said we have also taken the religious scholars on board to ensure compliance of SOPs at the mosques. Imran Khan recalled that the nation fully observed the SOPs and demonstrated great discipline during the first wave of the virus which saved the country from its devastating effects witnessed in a neighbouring country. He said we need to observe the same precaution now to protect the lives and livelihoods.Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed for completing the process of administrative approval of housing projects at the earliest. Imran Khan also emphasized that environmental protection should be take care of in the construction projects.

He expressed this resolve during his telephonic conversation with Bill Gates, the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.The two sides exchanged views on the COVID-19 situation and polio eradication efforts in Pakistan. The Prime Minister shared Pakistan’s policy to control and mitigate the deleterious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health and economy.

He acknowledged the Gates Foundation’s continued support of the Ehsaas Programme, which would help the most vulnerable segments of Pakistan’s population benefit from its expertise in health, nutrition and financial inclusion.

Imran Khan commended the Gates Foundation’s strong advocacy for the provision of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to all developing countries. He reaffirmed that eradication of polio remained a key priority of the government.

Thanking the Gates Foundation for its critical support in building Pakistan’s emergency management capacity for polio eradication, the Prime Minister highlighted that anti-polio campaigns are being intensified across the country.

On the occasion, Bill Gates acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic while stimulating economic growth.

Imran Khan and Bill Gates agreed to continue working together on the shared objectives of eradicating polio and combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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