Rocky Road for the Minorities in India


The projection of India as “largest democracy” in the world has got detrimental setbacks due to the rise of Hindu Radicalism in India under the BJP leadership and the discriminatory policies against the minorities especially the Indian Muslims and Sikhs living in India. The BJP, current ruling party of India, is right wing political party dominated by Hindutva followers. The ideologues of Hindutva ideology believe that India should be converted into a Pure Hindu State and the other minorities especially Muslims should either be converted to Hinduism or thrown out of India. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the largest and oldest volunteer organization in India which has been greatly contributed to bring Hindutva ideology in the mainstream politics of India. Most of the BJP leaders, like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, have been active members of the RSS. In the pursuit of their agenda to make India a pure Hindu Nation, the BJP-led led government is introducing and implementing inhuman and prejudicial policies. The Hindu Nationalist government in India enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on 4th December 2019 which excluded the Muslims immigrants. This decision resulted into nationwide protests in India. More than 25 people lost their lives during the Anti CAA protests and most of them are killed allegedly by the police. This discriminatory and unjust attitude of the BJP government is not restricted to Indian Muslims, now the Sikhs are bearing the brunt of Hindutva forces. The BJP government passed three farm bills with the stated objective to bring “reforms”. Presently, the Sikhs are staging protests which have caught global attention. Instead of addressing the concerns of Sikh farmers, the Indian government led by Hindu Nationalists is using violent means to suppress them. Christians and Dalits would be the next target of the RSS goons.

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