Road to Makkah Initiative


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys a pivotal position in the Islamic world as its monarch is also the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques. Saudi Vision 2030 duly takes note of this fact and aims to develop Hajj and Umrah facilities further as part of the overall progress in all other fields. The focus is to grow out of a petro-dependent economy to a vibrant, ambitious and economically resilient productive nation. In the modern world, production is not merely manufacturing goods but also includes improved services. Hajj and Umra facilities in the Kingdom have vastly improved over the years. Apart from Pakistan, the Road to Makkah facility has been extended to four other countries. This makes lots of logistic sense as it eases the work load at the Hajj terminals in the Kingdom. Much more than a commercial activity, the Hajj is an opportunity for spiritual redemption, for the pilgrims and the host government. In the Kingdom, the pilgrims are called “Guests of God.” Their comfort enables them to devote maximum time to religious rites. Under the Road to Makkah project, all immigration requirements of pilgrims are to be fulfilled at the airport of origin. This saves pilgrims several hours upon reaching the kingdom since they can just enter the country, having gone through immigration already at home.  These 42 flights will be operated from the Islamabad airport, where Pakistan implemented a pilot project in 2019. The Road to Makkah initiative also includes other Muslim countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

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