Rising insurgency


Terrorism continues to remain the foremost challenge to Pakistan’s national security. A suicide blast inside a Shia Mosque shook Peshawar’s Kocha Risaldar area on Friday. It was a suicide blast that claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people with several injured. The attack seems a part of a ‘big conspiracy against the country, a spark towards sectarian rivalry. Though nobody yet claimed the terrorist attack of Peshawar but posing serious security challenges to the state. Terrorist attacks have become the daily news lines from the start of this year. There is a continuing spate of deadly attacks in Baluchistan that lays bare the state’s failure to pre-empt subversive forces, which seem to be operating with untampered potency. Earlier to this, there was an attack with a remote-controlled bomb killing at least three and injuring 25 on Quetta’s Fatima Jinnah Road. The increasing terrorist attacks in Pakistan are an alarming situation for the security agencies. There is a dire need to step up counter-intelligence efforts so that the elements providing support to violent outfits can be identified and isolated. It is also mysterious why, given the visible resurgence of violence in Pakistan since the start of this year, civil security forces are not exercising increased caution and vigilance. Is this a time to be unsatisfied and questionable about the security situation of Pakistan? Valuable lives are being lost as authorities fail to proactively respond to the challenge of dealing with enemies that are evolving their tactics and refusing to back down. The National Security Policy revealed just weeks ago, that promised a more secure Pakistan for all its citizens. Decisive actions must be taken and seen to be taken for people to keep their faith in that promise.

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