Rise of Islamophobia in West


Islamophobia and this widespread Jeopardy is seemingly pushing towards enduring hostile configurations based on impediments of religious misinformation, indoctrination and politicization. Over the past few years, this anti-Muslim syndrome has taken dreadful strides, further provoking the fault lines driven by identity contentions. Consequently, with geopolitical intrigues and daunting traditional and non-traditional challenges, the global world is witnessing intensifying Islamophobia trends, further endangering the prospects of inter-faith harmony and shattering the key emblems of the peaceful co-existence between the different ideologies and religions. Given circumstances ought to seek the root cause of such prejudice orienting from communities that are relatively perceived as modern, educated and had connotation of civilized society. In response, various valid justifications are more or less associated with the nature and idiosyncrasies of the general population, irrespective of their environment and social status.


For instance, in contemporary times, the outbreak of Islamophobia Vis-a Vis phenomenon’s momentum and outreach is driven by the xenophobic culture, racial slurs, wrong attributions, negative profiling and stereotyping of ideology at large. This particular notion is escalated in the fundamentalist non-Muslim majority states where Muslims are being subjected to hate crimes at the societal level and growing anger against the Muslim ideology resulting in contention and fragmentation. Several factors have been identified as the main contributors to such a worrisome trend: mounting far-right ideologies, refugee crises, immigration, negative perceptions amid adherents of different faiths, and provocative rhetoric by media with an aim to dente Muslim identity.


Notably, the West has become the hub of this noxious anti-Muslim drive. At the community level, there is a drastic surge in hate crimes against Muslims both offline and online, as well as discriminations in education, employment, housing and healthcare, and other sectors that have become an unscrupulous trend with mayhem repercussions. Besides, Islamophobia is also gaining prominence, with girls and women being targeted due to the mode of their dress and the general notion that Muslim women are oppressed and thus must be liberated. This a dismaying factor that Islamophobia continues to find strong reverberation in political proceedings where it has been propagated for the mileages seeking and personal interests persuasion, eventually leading to the institutionalization of Islamophobia through the introduction of heinous legislation and policies in the western world. Furthermore, various academic research studies in Europe and elsewhere entails that Islamophobia has become of most prominent viewership aspects of media discourse – in the account of this right-wing political parties and groups that tend to exploit and build on the general fear of Islam for electoral gains and maintain the status their status-quo.


Canada holds a reputation of being a charming country, a state where everyone apologizes, and smiles and says “eh.” This view of Canada is one of the reason people move to the country for a better life for their families without the racism and hate crimes that they believe they might suffer elsewhere. However, this is a lie that many have been led to believe.


A family of five was walking on the sidewalk in London, Ontario. A 46-year-old man, his 44-year-old wife, a 15-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son, and his mother, a 74-year-old woman. One would picture an average family, except for the man who decided he would take their lives, all because of their religion. A 20-year-old truck driver allegedly went off the road and was headed towards the sidewalk where the family above was on. The police have stated that he ran over the family, causing 4 of the five members dead, leaving the 9-year-old boy in the hospital. The chief of police believes this was a deliberate attack on innocent people solely based on their faith.


Canada pretends to be a multicultural and diverse country, where everyone understands each other and lives in harmony; yes, it makes them look good to the world, but for them to turn a blind eye on the rising cases of Islamophobia shows who they indeed are, a country that will pry whatever they can from minorities, but leave them to bleed on the side of the road when in need. To address this issue, it needs to stop blaming individual Canadians and get to the root of these rising cases before getting out of hand. Good and Evil exist in societies, we must promote the good and condemn the evil.


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