Rihanna earns $70m per year sans music


Forbes estimates Rihanna’s net worth to be upwards of $210 million, with other publications quoting it as being $260 million Because. Forbes have also given the Grammy-winning singer a self made score of 10 the scale aims to distinguish those on The Forbes 400 list who were born with a silver spoon from those who truly made it own their own, with a one indicating their fortune was completely inherited and 10 signifying a truly self-made millionaire like Rihanna. So, how did the girl from Barbados become a global multi-million dollar brand. As expected, Rihanna earned a lot of her fortune from touring – since releasing her first album ‘Music of the Sun’ in 2005 aged 17, she grossed US $40 million from the Last Girl On Earth Tour in 2010, US $90 million from the Loud Tour in 2011, and more than US $140 million worldwide on her 2013 Diamonds World Tour. A lucrative Samsung sponsorship deal made her an additional $25 million on her 2015 Anti World Tour. Despite not having toured or released new music since her ‘Anti’ album 2016, Rihanna continues to make around $70 million per year off her back catalogue in royalties and downloads. According to Billboard, Rihanna earned $7.6 million streaming, $2.5 million from sales, and $10.1 million in royalties in 2016 alone.— VoM

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