Reviving Islamabad Dry Port


Revival of Islamabad Dry Port can enhance business activities because it will facilitate business community in imports and exports. In this regard, the concerned departments are required to step forward with a comprehensive proposals along with concrete strategy so that it may be considered for implementation. However, there is an option of handing the managerial control over the representative body of the business community. This will not only activate the Dry Port but also enhance confidence of the exporters and importers on the Railways’ goods transportation service. Pakistan Railways has already handed over the dry ports of Karachi and Lahore to the private sector and it was ready to handover the dry port of Islamabad to ICCI for provision of better dry port services to the business community. Pakistan Railway would also improve its cargo train service to facilitate business community in transportation of goods. Moreover, all possible measures must be taken to resolve the railways related issues of business community. After the introduction of axle road regime, freight of goods transportation through trucks has increased by Rs.1500 to 2000 per ton due to which cost of doing business has gone up significantly. Pakistan Railways must improve its cargo train service so that business community could use cargo trains as preferred mode for transportation of goods.

There was a time when 75 percent of goods were transported through railways, but with the passage of time, standard of cargo train service has deteriorated due to which business community has shifted towards roads transportation. Railways is still the cheapest means of goods transportation in the world; therefore Pakistan Railways should improve its cargo train service on modern lines so that it could play effective role in promoting business activities.


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