Revamping Educational policy



The pandemic repercussions have dented the global educational system and it also exposed the systematic vulnerabilities that the majority of states have witnessed over the period. The third world states unable to comprehend the alternative distant and virtual learning system due to lack of sufficient resources and technological inculcation. Amid such a crisis, the government of Pakistan decides to revamp its entire educational architecture and devise a new educational policy for the year 2021. The current educational policy predominantly comprised of a divergent system that has to an extent created the educational disparity among the societal classes. The three tired primary, secondary, and higher secondary level educational system have not proven substantial gains due to various loopholes over the years. Now, the government has announced to overcome the previous educational deficiencies and ought to opt for a policy reflecting the national cohesion and harmony across religious and ethnic divides as well as capturing the divergence that is essential for the context of Pakistan. Besides, the most important change that government vows to introduce is the Single National Curriculum (SNC) that will bring uniformity, irrespective of the societal classes. Another significant aspect is the Madrassa educational system that seeks preferential treatment. The mainstreaming of this significant educational pillar would uplift the entire layout of educational reforms. Given the fact, this key component remains the same, it would also ensure negative implications on the general adaptive educational policies. Likewise, the new strategies should not only confined to the general reforms but the key education aspects for standards in terms of training and management to produce the desired far-fetched goals. Lastly, the policymakers should also consider the social, normative, and cultural constraints because non-aligned educational reforms would further escalate the problems. However, the decision of the government is a timely and much-needed one because without effective education delivery it would be hard to brining progress and prosperity.





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