Reopening Educational Institutions


The coronavirus pandemic has left the world with tough decisions to make. In the aftermath of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions were closed. There are already murmurs of a third wave across the globe with the second wave not even yet over. The virus, meanwhile, continues to mutate. Reports of new strain cases that have emerged in the UK indicate that children, previously thought to be safe, may now be vulnerable. At the moment, the situation around the even younger Brazilian strain is a lot darker. Although there are now a couple of vaccine options, it remains to be seen how successful they would really be. With these developments in mind, complete shutdowns no longer seem to be plausible. The world is in the middle of the most horrible stagnation it has seen for decades, and in terms of further slowdown, there is just so much to sustain. Routine life, but with the utmost precaution, must carry on. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, education has been one of the worst deranged sectors globally and in Pakistan. The pandemic has forced most countries to bring the theory of distance learning to test. The results, especially for nations like Pakistan, have been far-off from ideal. In most middle-to-low-income nations, the Internet, exclusively of the high-speed range, is still something of a luxury. So are the devices which are able to access it. Although the well-off ensure that their children have the related devices to take online lessons, it is difficult for those who struggle to make ends meet. Layoffs & wage cuts have also had the effect of adding more individuals to that category. There are teething problems with guaranteeing a classroom discipline by virtual means beyond the access to technology. As the government pushes ahead with its plans to open educational institutes, all that the nation can do is to look at the sunny side. However, an indefinite closure could eventually, in its own way, do more harm.







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