Renée Zellweger was ‘devastated’ by Fabricated tabloid stories


Renée Zellweger has taken six years out of the spotlight where she’s been enjoying a private life away from the convoluted world of the entertainment industry. But the 50-year-old actress, who recently returned to the big screen as Judy Garland in the Judy biopic, tells In Style that reemerging into her public life is something that was made easier from the lessons that she learned through her 26-year-career.
Fabricated tabloid stories, for one, are something that the Bridget Jones actress says she’s dealt with enough throughout the years to now realize that it’s up to her to not engage. It took made up coverage of a hard breakup, however, to help her learn that.
While on the way home, Zellweger said her brother started reading one of the magazines and suddenly burst into quiet laughter.
Her brother’s laughter and dramatic reading helped Zellweger to adopt a new perspective about the stories that she was unwillingly dragged into, and realizing that they don’t have anything to do with who she really is.

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