Relations with Afghanistan under contemporary scenarios


Every country around the world and most importantly the regional and the neighbouring countries are carefully watching the situation in Afghanistan under the contemporary circumstances. China recently stated that they are ready to grow deeper “friendly and cooperative” relations with Afghanistan. As Taliban affirmed a general amnesty for all government officials and recommended them to return to work, two days after taking power in Afghanistan. British foreign secretary Dominic Raab recently said that, Britain will utilize all the capacity it has at its disposal to hold the Taliban to account in Afghanistan. EU Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said in a tweet: “The clock has run out on how long we can wait to adopt the complete overhaul of Europe’s migration and asylum rules we need.” Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated that, America’s military defeat and its removal must become a chance to revamp life, safety and robust peace in Afghanistan. Iran support efforts to reinstate steadiness in Afghanistan and, as a neighbouring and brother nation, Iran request all groups in Afghanistan to accomplish a national harmony.  Foreign Office of Pakistan stated that it was very important for Afghan leaders to work together to deal with the developing situation and find a way forward for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan. Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammad bin Abdulrehman Al-Thani stated that there is international apprehension about the fast speed of developments and Qatar is doing its greatest to bring a peaceful shift, particularly after the void that happened. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also discussed the situation in Afghanistan decided to continue consultations with representatives of China, Pakistan, other countries concerned and the UN to smooth the progress of the formation of grounds for a comprehensive inter-Afghan dialogue in the new conditions. India as usually is playing with the propaganda tricks as they are worried for not having any role to play in recent landscape of Afghanistan for their vested interests. They are already been warned by Taliban. The real decisions exactly should be of the people of Afghanistan but every nation around the globe desires to have a peaceful transition and stability in Afghanistan.

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