Rejuvenating SAARC


The SAARC seeks to promote the welfare of the peoples of South Asia, strengthen collective self-reliance, promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in various fields, and cooperate with international and regional organizations. Nevertheless it failed to fulfill the promising agendas in particular in bridging the diplomatic gaps between Pakistan and India. But in the current epoch, India is being ruled by fanatics like Modi who endures a totalitarian approach. The recent hostility between India and China as well as extra regional inclusion of the United States unleashes that the South Asian region is at the verge of jeopardy. So, in such circumstances, Pakistan has made a rational decision to rejuvenate the platform of SAARC but still there is a dire need to pursue inter-regional approach to counter extra regional actors in South Asia. India has been trying to seize the helm of regional political landscape via inflicting violence for instance in IIOJK. Modi has turned India into a fascist state where humanity is dearth. Thus, it is nearly impossible to commence a dialogue with Janus faced India that condones human rights abuses. India has tried its level best to isolate Pakistan on multitudinous diplomatic platforms but has miserably failed every time. The commencement of OIC extraordinary session in Pakistan and the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s determination to resurrect SAARC is a befitting response to India. Pakistan is taking the lead by advocating for peaceful arbitration of regional issues and Modi’s dream of regional hegemony has been shattered away. It is a good opportunity for Pakistan to seize the leading role in the South Asian region and for a futuristic approach; Pakistan should be including China in the South Asian regional integration process.

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