Reinvigorating CPEC


The recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China is historic and of strategic importance.  The presence of Prime Minister Imran Khan explicitly shows to the international community that Pakistan firmly stands by China.  Moreover, it has been clearly communicated to the world that sports should not be targeted for nefarious political interests. The strategic importance of the Prime Minister’s visit can be gauged from the fact that the economic and political international order is in high flux. So, it is high time that both leaders endorse the materialization of the mega projects in praxis. The obscurities and doubts should be ruled out as the CPEC project has already entered into its second phase. The industrial boom in special economic zones will help Pakistan curb the issues of balance of payments & trade deficit. The rationale behind the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China is multifaceted. The international political landscape is embracing changes and it was the right time to reemphasize Pakistan’s support to China. The Chinese government has already agreed to grant 3 billion dollars to bring stability to the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan. The special economic zones have been developed completely and it is high time that they should function at the ground level. The upcoming meeting between the premiers of both states will focus on expediting the functioning of special economic zones. The Chinese investment in the special economic zone will create job opportunities for the locals. China has also followed the identical model to develop its different regions with massive industrialization in the special economic zones and utilizing the technical skills of the locals. The CPEC project is undoubtedly a game-changer for Pakistan and PM Khan’s visit will focus on enhancing cooperation in economic sectors.

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