Reese shops Markle’s souvenirs


Reese Witherspoon has outed herself as a huge fan of Meghan Markle. Footage of the Hollywood actress scouring London stores for souvenirs of the Duchess of Sussex has gone viral. London is one of my favourite places to go in the entire world and I love to shop here, Reese, 38, explains. In a video posted to YouTube, Reese is seen popping into boutiques, bakeries and chocolate shops in the capital before her trip takes a different turn.
Reese heads to Portobello Road in the search for a plate with Megan Markle’s face on it.
The Legally Blonde star scoured through trinkets and collectibles in Notting Hill until stumbling on exactly what she was looking for. Reese picks out a plate brandishing al oved-up photo of Meghan and Prince Harry’s 2017 engagement before paying and hopping back in her waiting taxi. I just love this city. It’s so beautiful, it has the best architecture and public parks – Holland Park is my favourite, Reese gushes.

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