Redefining National Priorities


Long march, street fighting and resignations are not the solutions and governments can never be dethroned under these political upsets.  In contemporary scenario, almost all the parties in opposition are playing every possible card to weaken the sitting government. Senate elections have passed and opposition failed to achieve their goals, the sitting government won the majority in the upper house and succeeded to appoint their chairman and deputy chairman. On the other hand, Pakistan democratic movement’s (PDM) Pandora box opened and Pakistan Muslim League (N), along with Pakistan people’s party (PPP) ended up quarreling with each other and their deep political grudges burst forth. Former President, Asif Ali Zardari and his party is trying to grab every opportunity to make them more relevant in the political structure of the state. Mr. Zardari is a shrewd politician his every move is revolving around the interests of his party. Now, PDM is gradually becoming a story of past and government has a long journey of more than two years.

There are multiple issues Covid-19, Vaccination, price hike, rampant unemployment, poor health and the list goes on. These grave and real issues require uncompromising governmental attention and this is a high time to give long awaited performance. Government should focus towards their performance to curb price hike because people are suffering and they need immediate relief. Recently, government announced a very limited amount for Ramzan package.  Ramazan package should be more generous and compatible with the needs of the poor families. PTI government promised that they will announce millions of job and now our educated youth is waiting for those jobs. Government should focus towards rebuilding the ruptured industry of the state. In only cotton industry, we are lagging behind several regional states. Apart from industrial side, government should also pay its attention towards the issues of the farmers, who are considered as the back bone of the State.

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