Redefining global Trajectory


The unprecedented catastrophes of pandemic Covid-19 have shaken the contours of social and economic development of the world. The alarming concern posed the future of millions of humans at stake with inflicting unhealing scars from Asia to Europe and America to Africa. The nominal narratives of the first, second, and third world now preluded with Skepticism as the developed nations also got exposed to this heinous nontraditional security challenge. Ever since the cold war, the world has plugged into an enduring race of the military-industrial complex. Most significantly, Trillions dollars spent by the majority of states to empower their defense arsenals and ensure comparative advantage of military prowess globally. Likewise, the worldwide conflicts to maintain the hegemony and status quo has become the new obsession for the powerful actors. However, this illusionary drive came to an end by the upsurge of a pandemic that validates the key exponents of preferential treatment to the human social welfare rather than building the warfare architecture. Adding further, it proved the fact that no matter how powerful a state is, that still necessitates the exigencies of improving healthcare facilities, investment in the field of research, and developing expertise. During the age of globalization, the global world has taken the wrong trajectory of binding technology with warfare logistics. This complex has created daunting ambiguous configurations however the current crisis left the new lessons to learn and amend the myopic approach of absurdity and conflictual race among the humans. A post-pandemic world order seeks preferences to the human social welfare rather than putting investments on the weapons that cause human destruction worldwide.

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