Red letter served to 27 ministries for ‘critical delay’ in task completion


ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has issued a ‘red letter’ to 27 ministries/divisions for a critical delay in completion of tasks which were assigned under the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The red letter, which is considered to be a final warning and expression of displeasure, was issued to the secretaries for 27 federal ministries/divisions out of a total of 34 ministries, it emerged on Thursday.

The red letter directed the concerned ministries/divisions to complete the impending tasks by September 9 and submit a compliance report on the matter to the prime minister. As per the red letter, the details of the following tasks were sought from a ministry under a deadline of 30 days w.e.f 02-08-2019:

Provision of the list of positions lying vacant at all levels for framing or update of recruitment rules. Provision of the list of positions lying vacant at all levels that could be re-designated, rationalised or deleted. Provision of the list of officers/officials (all type of ex-cadres) eligible for promotion not being promoted due to various reasons.

Timely disposal of all disciplinary proceedings initiated against government employees that are lying pending for more than three months Provision of data on a prescribed format regarding record/files to be archived, machinery, vehicles, equipment to be condemned and disposed-off as per the approved procedure.

The letter noted that initially, a ‘yellow letter’ was issued to the ministry on August 17, noting that half of the time for completion of the tasks had elapsed. Despite the above-stated situation, the task got critically delayed and [is] now lying overdue at your end, the letter stipulated, adding that no further extension would be granted to the ministry.

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