Ramadan and COVID-19


During the month of Ramadan, the social and religious gatherings of Muslim increases as people gather for iftar and taraweeh. Like last year, this year we also have to take the SOPs implemented by the government in consideration and even tough vaccination process has begun but we should be cognizant of the fact that transmission of COVID-19 is facilitated by close contact between people.  Muslims across the world visit mosques and congregate for longer prayers of Taraweeh but this should be done in compliance of SOPs provided by the government. To mitigate the public health impact, several countries have implemented physical distancing measures aimed at interrupting transmission by reducing interaction between people. These measures are fundamental control mechanisms to control the spread of infectious diseases, particularly respiratory infections, associated with large gatherings of people. Physical distancing measures, including the closing of mosques, monitoring of public gatherings and other restrictions on movement, will have direct implications for the social and religious gatherings central to Ramadan. Countries around the world have taken different measures to control the spread of COVID-19 such as the timely provision of public health advice for social and religious practices and gatherings during Ramadan that will be observed nationwide. Last year, we have witnessed the cancellation of congressional prayers and religious, and maintaining physical distances has become a new normal. Compliance with these established measures should be assured and religious leaders should be involved early in decision making so that they can be actively engaged in communicating any decision affecting events connected with Ramadan. A strong communication strategy is essential to explain to the population the reasons for decisions taken. Clear instructions should be given by authorities along insurance of uniform practices of national policies should be reinforced.

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