Quad Summit


US president, Joe Biden, vows to put a greater emphasis on the indo-pacific region in face of the growing global crisis and rising china. For this mere purpose, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) summit was held on March 12, 2021. The meeting between the four Quad states was aimed to address many pressing crises across the globe for instance; climate change, technological innovations, and vaccine crisis.

Australia, Japan, India, and United States, the four Quad states, have pledged to ensure a free, inclusive, and open indo- pacific region, while certainly without name-calling China the alliance has signaled to counter Chinese growth which is exploitative in nature with a unified strength. Additionally, regarding the COVID vaccines, the Quad has announced its plans to expand vaccine manufacture to increase its availability across the indo- Pacific region and beyond. The four nations made a significant joint commitment to boost up vaccine availability; where India will manufacture the vaccines with the financial, technological, and logistical support of the other three nations. China’s response to the meeting remains unwelcoming; it calls the governments to devise meetings to exchange understanding rather than targeting third parties. Furthermore, the timing of the Quad meeting is crucial, it is held just before days when US state secretary and national security advisor will meet with their Chinese counterparts, in Alaska, and here is when the United States goes to Chinese with a force as it confronts China on economic, security and human rights issues.

Quad is seemed not a significant force today, but gradually with the increase in its participants, it can widen the objectives to more than just security and military. It can come with a greater mandate to aid the global economy, maintaining international order, bring an end to human rights violations and handle critical technology and for this political will of the existing Quad, nations are vital.

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