Putin hails US, North Korea direct talks



Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Donald Trump had made a historic step when he decided to begin direct talks with the DPRK. The Russian president hailed Trump’s decision during the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion club on Thursday.

For many decades, US presidents have been ignoring the DPRK, seeing it as a pariah. Trump was able to make a historic step, overcoming misunderstanding and alienation, to meet Kim Jong-un and begin the negotiating process, he said. The world order will be maintained, although there is a danger of negative developments, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated.

“I would like to hope that despite difficulties in building relationships between the states, dangers of legal gaps, for example [those] regarding nuclear and missile technologies, the global order, based on a key role of international law, will face transformations, but will be preserved. And we all will be working to defend it,” Putin said. — VoM

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