PSB to take measures to foster sports in Pakistan, says minister


Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr Fahmida Mirza said that sports federations will have to deliver if they want Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) to support them. While living within our limited resources we’ll also support the federations, who are still far behind from the required level of promoting their respective sports. Mirza who is also the president of PSB said if federations expect PSB will dole out millions of rupees to them when their performance at international level is very poor then it will not be possible.
She identified 19 federations which would be supported by the board. We’ll have to revive sports culture and for that we will back only those federations, who are involving youth in sports activities, she said. Minister added that bogus federations with self-serving ambitions would no longer be able to exist without support from the PSB. I believe we will have to revive sports culture and for that, we must promote sports at the grassroots level. She said that following the 18th it was the responsibility of provinces to take steps for promoting sports in their respective regions.
They (provinces) will have to play their role. They will have to take sports to the school level to gauge aptitude of future players for different games. The kids at the school level themselves show their interest whether they want to play tennis, football, hockey, cricket or any other game. Hence, it is imperative that schools encourage them and make sports an essential part of their curriculum, she added.
The minister said a sports diplomacy conference is in the works to determine ways to establish a healthy sports culture in the country. The work to hold the conference is at the initial stage. I want this conference to be of international level wherein sports experts from other countries will also be invited. Hopefully, we’ll be to hold this by the end of August or early September, she added.

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