Prowess of social Economy


Social Economy Enterprises (SEE) are power engines of a better society. They may help to reduce poverty and social exclusion, and to deal with ecological challenges, such as pollution or waste management.
Social Economy is an innovative and more effective way to respond to social needs in comparison to traditional approaches. It activates multilevel synergies that seek solutions on issues of collective interest alongside specific actions addressed to vulnerable individuals and families. This facilitates an approach beyond the care perspective, activates reciprocity practices, and at the same time produces both social and economic value. Caritas supports contexts and public actors that facilitate an effective and efficient management of collective resources, which stimulates dialogue among different stakeholders and fosters innovation that helps to create an enabling environment for Social Economy Enterprises to flourish. Promoting dialogue, activating additional support and creating new alliances Today´s societal challenges induce non for profit organisations to upgrade their role in society, to opt for a collaborative approach, and to generate alliances with different public and private stakeholders. Social Economy Enterprises can open up new possibilities for dialogue and cooperation with other businesses, local communities and the beneficiaries themselves. These alliances lead to the empowerment of beneficiaries and local communities that become co-creators and agents of change and can enrich
By providing successful examples that combine a high social impact with financial sustainability, Social Economy Enterprises can be seen as the pioneers of a new way of conducting business in a human-centred way. They serve as good practice models which can inspire large corporates as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs to start their own SEEs or to develop existing companies in a more human-centred way.Running our own Social Economy Enterprise(s) also improves the credibility of Caritas´ advocacy work towards achieving a more human-centred economy. SEEs that are owned and managed by Caritas provide us with first-hand experience of what it means to set up and run a financially and socially successful business.

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