Protracted Palestine crisis


Protracted Palestine crisis remained on of the vertex point
of geopolitical intrigue among the Arab world and it also
remains imperative to shape the outlook of dynamics of relations between the stakeholders and contending parties that
are directly associated with the conflict. There was much
skepticism about tilt of Muslim states of the Arab world towards the Israel in the aftermaths of fresh normalization drive of ties with
the majority of Middle Eastern states, nevertheless the GCC summit has
cleared the air in which all the members thrown their weight behind the
Palestine citing it a critical juncture for the Palestine conflict to assess
the position of the Arab world’s powerful actors. Regardless of their economic and other numerous interests, The Supreme Council expressed its
unconditional backing for the freedom and sovereignty of the Palestinian
people over all occupied Palestinian territories since June 1967 by the
Israel that also covertly Undermined the fresh Israel plans, the founding
of an autonomous Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital,
and the assurance of the rights of immigrants, in aligned with the Arab
Peace Initiative, international references and international legitimacy
decisions. All the GCC Participants stated its denunciation of any incline
to annexe settlements in the West Bank to Israel, a clear violation of the
United Nations Charter. Palestinian cause is central to the GCC, underscoring the necessity to initiate the international community’s efforts
for the crisis mitigation and resolution of conflict based on the principle
rights of Palestine’s. In account to Israeli illicit occupying authority in
East Jerusalem pushed on international community and stake holders
were asked to intervene and stop the targeting of the Palestinians and
the forced displacement of citizens from the city of Jerusalem. The fresh
narrative is sign of relief for the proponents for the actors that strives for
the rights of Palestine resolution.

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