Propaganda Denounced


Pakistan dismissed a letter circulating on social media that falsely giving an impression as if the Foreign Minister had reprimanded the Pakistan ambassador to the US. The fake letter circulated on Twitter and other Social media platforms, mostly from those accounts that had been earlier running the #SanctionPakistan hashtag and other fake news related to Pakistan. The letter was simultaneously picked up by several Indian media houses that in the past few months have been churning out a huge amount of fake news against Pakistan, particularly about Pakistan’s alleged role in Panjshir. Earlier, Pakistan has rejected Indian media’s baseless claims about busting of so-called ‘terror module’ said that propagation of false news was India’s state policy steered by its pliant media. In recent times,   Propagation of false news is India’s state policy steered by its pliant media. To cover up the fallout of large protests against human rights violations by India, during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United Nations General Assembly and meeting with US leadership, the Indian social media churned out an image of a fake news report by the New York Times. When it comes to disinformation, no other country can beat the Indians who excel in the art of fake news, and they do try to do it with a conviction, which may seem real in Bollywood movies, but in the real world, it falls flat. The latest episode, among the many in the series, is the hype created by mainstream Indian media on Pakistan’s involvement in the fall of Panjshir and how the international media is sifting the facts from fiction and exposing the fake narrative of India.

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