Promoting real estate sector


Pakistan economy is passing through the worst circumstances and the core challenges including high and aggressive revenue targets, double-digit inflation, Rupee depreciation, debt trap and high POL prices demand a sensible approach from the apex body. The government must realize the ground realities of common businessmen and come up with an amicable solution after consultations with stakeholders. The revenue collections over the span of five years have been doubled where trader’s contribution remained high. The real estate sector has the potential to drive the growth of the economy and stressed that government must take policy measures to create a conducive environment for it so that it could play a more effective role in the economic development of the country.
Real estate sector played a vital role in promoting business activities, economic growth, employment generation and poverty reduction and urged that government should rationalize taxes on this sector for its better growth. The growth of over 50 ancillary industries including cement, steel, brick, and timber and building material was associated with real estate sector and creating an enabling environment for it would facilitate the growth of all allied industries. The government must accord priority focus on promoting real estate sector and formulate conducive policies for it so that this sector could make useful contributions towards stabilizing the economy.

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