Prioritizing under-developed areas in CPEC


CPEC is a large-scale initiative capable of changing Pakistan’s fate. The primary goal of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is to improve the lives of common Pakistanis. CPEC also seeks to make Pakistani and Chinese citizens economically prosperous by creating an economic corridor that would enhance bilateral relations. Work on the project is progressing in full swing and due priority is given to underdeveloped areas. CPEC is a regional initiative for connectivity that will enable Pakistan to grow as an economically developing nation. Building an economic corridor that explores the potential for bilateral investment, trade, logistics and people-to-people interaction for regional connectivity will improve the lives of the people of Pakistan, especially in underdeveloped areas. The mega-project involves integrated transport and IT systems Including road, rail, port, air, and data communication networks, energy cooperation, industrial and economic zones, agricultural production, and socio-economic development. CPEC would establish trade and investment opportunities that would not only favor both countries but link them with other regional countries as well. Both countries deserve appreciation for the launch of this major project, but the project should provide companies from both countries with equal opportunities in order to support the Pakistani industry as well. Priority should be given to local raw materials for completing CPEC projects. So far, many goods for CPEC projects are being imported at zero duty, despite the fact that they are also produced locally, locally produced raw materials should be prioritized to boost the industrial sector and the economy through CPEC, and only those inputs which are not produced in Pakistan should be imported. Chinese investors should be fortified to grow Pakistan’s local industry, which will greatly support the small and medium-sized enterprises in Pakistan.

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