President urges corporate sector to adopt morality, compassion based business models

The president urged the media to ensure frequent messaging on family planning in their dramas, morning shows to educate the people on the subject which also needed to be destigmatized.


ISLAMABAD President Dr. Arif Alvi has urged the corporate sector to adopt morality and compassion based business models.

Addressing an event titled “Ethics and Business: Friends or Foes” in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said true happiness is not hidden in accumulation of wealth but instead concealed in empathy.

He said human beings can distinguish between justice and injustice instinctively.

The President reiterated importance of transparency and accountability to improve the moral standards of society.

The event shed light on the status of ethical and transparent business practice in the country and the changes that can be made to strengthen the core of any organization.

Earlier in the panel discussion, the speakers expressed their sentiments on the importance of anti-corruption initiatives.

Later, addressing a ceremony in Islamabad, Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized on utilizing modern methods of family planning to control growing population in the country to ensure a stable and prosperous Pakistan.

He stressed on making women financially strong to make family planning campaigns more effective.

The President called for taking care of children in terms of nutrition to save from stunting as it is a big issue in Pakistan. Meanwhile to another commitment, President Dr Arif Alvi said it was the responsibility of media and Ulema to guide the masses on family planning as the haphazard population growth was causing immense stress on the national economy.

The president, addressing the launching ceremony of The Challenge Initiative Pakistan, said a comprehensive and continuous awareness was inevitable not only for mother and child’s health but also for the national development.

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) is a global initiative by Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. It is a “business unusual” platform that empowers local governments to rapidly and sustainably scale best-practice health interventions to benefit urban poor communities.

TCI Pakistan will be the sixth hub working through Greenstar, after five other hubs in East Africa, Francophone West Africa, India, Nigeria and the Philippines.

The president urged the media to ensure frequent messaging on family planning in their dramas, morning shows to educate the people on the subject which also needed to be destigmatized. Similarly, the Ulema should use the pulpit for health messaging as they had done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said in a conservative society like Pakistan, it was also the government’s responsibility to ensure easy access to contraceptives through available tools of lady health workers and Ehsaas Program. He said through Ehsaas program, the government was in contact with around 170 million families which could also be used for messaging on multiple subjects.

He said the government was taking both tangible and intangible measures to address the issue of haphazard population growth.

President Alvi, who earlier launched the Initiative by clicking the button, said consequent to the government’s ongoing measures like Ehsaas cash assistance and business loans, the women would be empowered who later would be able to extend their supportive voice on family planning.

He said malnutrition, neonatal deaths, maternal mortality and stunting had negative impacts on society which was also being addressed by the government by providing incentives to the women.

The president told the gathering that the statistics of nine million unwanted pregnancies a year in Pakistan could be halved within a year if the government ensures access to modern contraceptives.

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