President lauds scientists for enhancing country’s defence capabilities

Pakistan is safe because our scientists have ensured peaceful nuclear deterrence & delivery


ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi Sunday appreciated the scientists for enhancing the defence capabilities of Pakistan, by ensuring peaceful nuclear deterrence.

In a tweet, the president said that successful flight test of nuclear-capable ballistic, Shaheen III, missile gave them confidence and pride in the country’s defence capabilities.

“The successful test conducted of Shaheen III, a nuclear capable ballistic missile gives us confidence and pride in our defense capabilities. Pakistan is safe because our scientists have ensured peaceful nuclear deterrence and delivery. Well done,” he posted on his Twitter handle. Earlier, President Dr Arif Alvi has asked Jubilee Life Insurance Co. Ltd to pay Rs 1.2 million to the widow of a deceased policyholder. The company had ignored the payment of Rs 1.2 million as the unit price of the policy and simply returned an amount of Rs. 4.5 million, deposited by her late husband as premium, to the widow.

Complainant Iffat Naheed had filed a representation with the president against the order of the Federal Insurance Ombudsman (FIO) which had ordered the case to be closed as the insurance company had refunded Rs 4.5 million in an alleged amicable settlement to the widow.

While accepting the widow’s plea, the President held that the company after having invested the money of the policyholder in business must have earned considerable profits. The president stressed that it would be unjust to deprive the complainant of the contribution to earned profits as per the principle of economic and distributive justice enshrined in the preamble of Pakistan’s Constitution, 1973. As per details, Muhammad Shafique had obtained a life insurance policy from Jubilee Life Insurance Co Ltd in 2016 and deposited Rs 4.5 million with the company. Muhammad Shafique died on 08.12.2018 and his widow filed the death insurance claim after which the company refunded her the Rs 4.5 million, paid by her late husband, as ex-gratia payment. Feeling aggrieved, the complainant approached FIO to seek justice which passed the impugned order. Subsequently, Iffat Naheed filed a representation with the President for the redressal of her complaint. After investigating the matter, President Dr Arif Alvi accepted the representation of the complainant and ordered the company to pay an amount of Rs 1,235,339 to the complainant within 30 days.

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