President emphasizes on intellectual investment in education sector

President terms cyber security country’s strong defence line


ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has emphasized the need for educating people about family planning and monitoring the growing population in the country.

Addressing a conference titled “Population challenges in the changing world” in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said that National health has a very deep connection to mother and child health.

He said unplanned population wreaks havocs not only on natural resources of a country but also its health and education system resulting in a poor quality of life. He said women had the opportunity to get financial independence by acquiring digital and marketing skills and selling products while staying at home.

The President said rising population was a major challenge for Pakistan which had been tackling the issue for the last many decades. “Message of fewer children, prosperous family should have reached everybody.”

He said Ulema had supported efforts of the government for controlling population in the country.

He opined that with better communication skills, people could be influenced and convinced to keep their families small.

Media had a significant role to play to disseminate the message regarding population control, he added.

The President said in the last two years during the coronavirus pandemic, due to role of media, message about the disease reached everyone.

People of Pakistan cooperated with the government to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, he said adding contrarily there was resistance in the west against mandatory rules to control coronavirus.

He said priority should be to deliver a simple message of keeping balance in having a family. Lady health workers and mid wives would be critical in carrying the message to families.

He said hurdles in family planning were malnutrition in women and neonatal deaths. “Stunting has long term implications and there is no catch-up growth to recover from stunting.”

In Pakistani society, family planning was a sensitive issue, he said adding according to an estimate eight million pregnancies occur every year and four million of them were unwanted pregnancies. Adding to this, President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday, terming data protection the dynamic facet of a nation’s defence line, said Pakistan needs to train a bulk of human resource capable of fulfilling the needs of cyber security.

Addressing here at the 28th convocation of Military College of Signals (MCS), the president said cyber security was a rapidly growing field that required a targeted approach in education to continually update the set of relevant skills and resources.

President Alvi said globally, millions of people with skills in information technology and telecommunication were in demand to analyze the flood of available data.

In Pakistan, he said, the capacity to process data was only five percent, which needed professionals through capacity building, skill development, and training programmes.

He emphasized setting the direction of students right from the primary level up to higher education to make them aware of the importance of information technology in the contemporary world.

He said enhancing the security of national information systems was of dire significance in view of the frequent cyber-attacks faced by the country.

Dr Alvi said for a country, the connotation of a strong defence was not limited to the physical buildup of weapons or fighter jets, but to what extent its professionals could decipher or jam the telecommunication signals of the enemy.

He lauded the Military College of Signals for preparing the highly skilled force of graduates in the field of information security, and electrical and computer software engineering, saying that Pakistan needed such ‘smart and intelligent’ professionals.

He also stressed the need for an ‘intellectual investment’ in the rapidly changing era of technological development.

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