President, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) Amna Malik represents Pakistan at the “Third Eurasian Women’s Forum” held in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia President Vladimir Putin attended the Eurasian Women’s Forum and addressed its plenary session.


The Third Eurasian Women’s Forum was held in St. Petersburg, Russia under the titled theme, “Women: A Global Mission in a New Reality.”The event is organized by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the inter-parliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS), with support from a number of ministries, agencies, and NGOs.


Russia President Vladimir Putin attended the Eurasian Women’s Forum and addressed its plenary session. The topic of the third Eurasian Women’s Forum ‘Women: A Global Mission in a New Reality’ cannot be more relevant for today’s world. Boosting international cooperation to enhance the role of women in order to meet the goals of sustainable development, forming women’s agenda and new approaches to solving global problems in the new reality – these are the main objectives for participants and organizers. The Forum’s business program includes plenary sessions, strategic and expert sessions attended by international organizations, discussion platforms, including discussions with global opinion leaders, parity discussions, public and private sector talks, business dialogues, webinars, workshops, and business breakfasts. The focus of the Forum’s key discussions was on the role of women in global security, social progress, transition to new models of economic growth, healthcare development, and high-tech industries, solving global environmental and climate problems.


The expert session was also attended by international organizations and associations representative. These include field sessions of Women 20, the UN session on industrial development (UNIDO), the World Bank session, the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance meeting, the international club of APEC BEST AWARD winners and participants, and the International Club of Women Regional Leaders. For the first time, the Forum featured a meeting of the International Working Group of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Nuclear Energy Agency on improving gender balance in the nuclear energy industry. The Forum also is attended by women – members of parliaments, executive officials, delegates from international organizations, global corporations, business circles, the scientific community, non-governmental organizations and charity projects, outstanding representatives of the international women’s movement. President COPAIR Amma Malik also represented Pakistan in “The Eurasian Women’s Forum.”

Pertinent to mention that, The Eurasian Women’s Forum, regularly held since 2015, has become the largest international platform uniting female leaders from all continents where they can discuss the role of women in the modern world and work out new approaches to solving global problems.

The forum reaffirmed commitment to the founding documents aimed at ensuring equal rights and opportunities for men and women, especially the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women dated 18 December 1979, the Beijing Declaration, and the Beijing Platform for Action adopted in 1995 during the Fourth UN World Conference on Women, and the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by UN member states in 2015 at the UN General Assembly as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Furthermore, it also acknowledging women’s increasing role in resolving global world development problems, the transition to new models of economic growth and the advancement of the digital economy, strengthening international cooperation in healthcare, particularly in establishing effective interaction in preventing and combating new pandemics, as well as preserving the environment for coming generations. Likewise it also stressed the importance of developing women’s leadership, adhering to principles of integration and development of cooperation for the purpose of strengthening women’s role in ensuring sustainable development and shaping new approaches to solving global problems.
The forum also called for women’s participation in international trade to be an essential source of growth and recovery for the world economy, being convinced that supporting women’s economic inclusion is a profitable investment in long-term development.
In addition to this, recognized the importance of unlocking the full potential of women’s participation in the economy and the development of women’s entrepreneurship for the recovery of the global economy from the crisis associated with the consequences of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus infection; underlining the special role played by women in responding to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus infection pandemic and overcoming its consequences.

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