Powerful Rise of Hindu Radicalism in India


Hindu Radicalism in India is not a new phenomenon; it can be traced back to 1925 when Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was formed with the purpose to promote Hindu Nationalism and dominance of Hindutva ideology in the Indian continent. The influence of Hindutva followers continued to rise after partition of British India. In the last decade, Hindutva forces have become dominant in India. BJP, current ruling party in India, is playing leading role to promote agenda of Akhand Bharat which is the ultimate objective of this Hindutva ideology. Under the rule of BJP, Hindu Radicalism is exponentially rising in India and the discriminatory policies of the ruling part are marginalizing the minorities, especially the Indian Muslims. There is also significant rise in terrorism perpetrated by Hindu radicals in India and Indian state terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir. India’s unilateral & brutal actions in IIOJK have significantly increased. At the same time, India considers itself as dominant actor and aspires to be a hegemon in South Asia, therefore, it is following aggressive policies against its neighbours especially Pakistan. The combination of Hindu Radicalism and Indian Hegemonic Designs is threating the regional and global peace. The Hindu radicalism and Indian hegemonic designs are not only threat to peace in the region, but it will also have significant impact on the global peace. To stop the Hindu radicals who are hell bent on destroying the peace, few things need to be done. The sane voices of India should come together and unite against Hindutva forces in India. Pakistan should expose Indian state terrorism in Kashmir and sponsored terrorism in Pakistan at all possible international forums. Moreover, Pakistani government need to build an effective case to blacklist India by FATF, and International Community must recognize the serious of matter and take practical measures to stop this menace of Hindu radicalism. Last but not the least, UN can be urged by all civilized nations to sanction India against its gross human rights violations in Kashmir.

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