Positive Trajectory of National Economy


The economic performance of the government has significantly improved under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is appreciable that the government is aiming for 4% GDP growth. FBR has collected record revenue this year while remittances significantly improved in the last two years. Despite the Covid-19 related issues, FBR has performed beyond expectations. Inflation is the real problem being faced by the common man. It is now a challenge for the government to bring down inflation and ease the life of the poorest segments of the society. Pakistan is heading in the right direction as far as the economy is concerned. The industry has played its due role in uplifting the economy and it is not wise to overburden the industrial sector. Considering all the challenges, we must understand that high revenue growth is very reasonable. Despite the adverse impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pakistan has made reasonable economic growth. Smart lockdown proved an effective strategy to sustain the economy. It is pertinent to mention that country achieved major milestones on the economic front. A notable increase has been witnessed in foreign direct investments, exports, industrial and agriculture growth, and remittances. The economic indicators are showing a positive trajectory. The incumbent government has taken corrective measures to uplift the economy. Pakistan has witnessed a record agriculture outcome this year which can be attributed to reasonable weather conditions and impressive policies of the government. Wheat, rice, sugarcane, and mango production have witnessed an increase and Pakistan is on the track of huge crop productivity. Record production has resulted in an increase in exports. It is appreciable that the British management accepted our mangoes exports after seven years.

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