Population Census


Recently, with a majority vote, the Cabinet took a much-awaited decision and approved the results of the sixth census conducted in 2017 while the allied political party MQM showed reservations on the disregard of government for auditing it. Along with this, the Information Minister also highlighted that after the recommendations, it has been decided that the exercise of population census will be carried out every three years. The last census was conducted three years ago before the PTI government came to power and its final results anticipate a series of projects related to planning, development, and local body election. According to the protocols, the report will be shared with the Council of Common Interests for their approval. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) presents the provisional data regarding five census blocks identified by the Free and Fair Election Network (Fafen) to the CCI for approval and then publish it but this time the process was delayed for three years. 91,000 enumerators from various government sectors conducted the 2017 census and Pakistan Army provided security with 200,000 personnel. It was the first time in the history of Pakistan that government officially recognized transgender as the third gender and counted a population of over 10,000 transgender people. As committed by the premier Imran Khan, the government will focus on the national and human development of the country with a backing of statistical data and with the revision in the statue – conducting population census after every three years – the torrent of data will help ameliorate the development related to housing, infrastructure, transport, community development etc. The focus of the incumbent government on data is evident from the initiatives like Data Pakistan, which is currently under use for the poverty alleviation and public welfare programs for the communities. Without a couple of exception when the census was delayed, the practice has been followed at regular interval of 10 years in the country. Time will tell how this new policy of conducting census after every three years, coming one in the year 2022, will result and impact the socio-economic development and political dynamics of the country.

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