Political Turmoil in Israel


Amid political fissures, to staying in power Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has been pressing an aggressive campaign against Hamas, targeting its leaders, military sites, and strategic infrastructure but got failed. Hitting the target rocket attacks and missile strikes against Hamas could not be achieved, meanwhile, he failed his pro-settlement and anti-Palestinian.

Netanyahu has always been in environments of chaos, uncertainty, and crisis. As compared to Mr. Netanyahu’s opponents Naftali Bennett was self-confident to unseat him and make a new government. Mr. Netanyahu’s governance is the country’s longest-serving and he is facing corruption charges.

Even with internal tensions before and recent conflict, Mr. Netanyahu had to navigate the country through a very difficult year. Israel had to face the worst coronavirus rates per capita before a successful vaccination campaign; its economy was doldrums by pandemic-related shutdowns.

In the middle of turmoil, Mr. Netanyahu’s (Likud party) has restarted negotiations with Naftali Bennett (Yamina, the party of right-wing politicians) who backed away from a potential unity government with centrist Yair Lapid along with the support Arab parties. Mr. Bennett changed course amid the communal violence roiling the country.

Mr. Bennett said the current emergency in the different cities in Israel, the change government would not be able to deal with the situation.

For Mr. Netanyahu, it is challenging to remain in power, as witness testimony in his trial for fraud charges of bribery and breach of trust is underway like Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his daughter in Pakistan. Moreover, he has been sought to build a right-wing religious coalition that could help him pass legislation to better insulate him against these charges.

It’s true that if a new government is about born, but it is not clear what its life probability will be. It’s possible that without the glue-like Netanyahu uniting its parts it will have difficulty surviving. But the need of the hour is to replace Netanyahu.

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