PM’s laudable steps for poor


Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken laudable to protect the poor from rising inflation. More steps should be taken to shield poor otherwise, inflation will push million into food insecurity which will also hit growth rate. These measures must be taken to bring down the price of flour and sugar as there is no scarcity of food in the country but its price is a challenge for poor. In this connection, Prime Minister has launched a number of projects including Ehsaas project, Youth Loans program and others. These programs and projects are needed to be taken to the doorsteps of the masses so that more and more people can benefit from them and become self reliant economically.
In this regard, bottlenecks and bureaucratic flaws and hindrances are also needed to be removed and special instructions may be issued to the concerned staff to deal with the applicants pleasantly with a supportive spirit so that people may be facilitated. It is a matter of grave concern that despite good wheat crop the price of flour has been increased six times during the last four months while the sugar sector contributing eighteen billion in taxes has been subjected to seventeen percent sales tax which has increased its price beating expectations.
Now the sector of ghee and cooking oil is also bracing for an increase of Rs18-20 per liter which will result in problems as the per capita consumption of this item in Pakistan is already below the global average. The price of fertilizer has been increased by Rs210 per bag to hit the agriculture sector and increase prices of staple, fruits and vegetables. Therefore Prime Minister must oversee the prices mechanism by himself to keep prices of essentials under control.

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