PM urges US businessmen to invest in Pakistan

Imran Khan briefs American investors about Pakistan’s immense potential, ease of doing business


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday invited overseas businessmen and investors to benefit from the economic and business opportunities provided by Pakistan’s strategic location and the connectivity to the broader regions.
He was talking to a group of prospective investors that was led by Javaid Anwar, a leading Pakistani-American businessman, who called on the prime minister at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC.
The businessmen appreciated the improved security environment in Pakistan and identified areas of interest with regards to investment in key sectors, including energy and tourism.
Meanwhile, Texas-based leading Pakistani businessman and a member of the Democratic Party, Tahir Javed, also called on Imran at the embassy.
The PM is on a three-day visit to the US along with the top military leadership. During the visit, he will hold a one-on-one meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on July 22.
A US official said the White House invitation to Pakistan represents Washington’s willingness to repair US-Pakistan ties and rebuilding an enduring partnership if Islamabad continues its counter-terrorism cooperation. Separately, the prime minister was called upon by a former Pakistan ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, and eminent businessman Shahal Khan.
They discussed matters of mutual interests and affairs related to trade and investment in Pakistan.
M Imran Khan apprised them about the business friendly environment in Pakistan and the government’s measures taken for ease of doing business in the country.
Pakistani-Americans braved out sweltering heat on Saturday to welcome Prime Minister Imran Khan as he arrived in Washington, reported media. “Hundreds of members of the community belonging to Washington metro area and other states came to the US capital and lined up along Massachusetts Avenue near Pakistan House, where the prime minister is staying during the visit.”
“We are so excited that our leader is here. Pakistani-Americans are here to show their love for him,” Johny Bashir, a Virginia-based PTI activist said, as people waved Pakistani and American flags to express their support for the visit.
“I am so happy as a Pakistani-American that PM Imran Khan is here. I am sure he will bridge the gap between the two countries and bring them together in a strong bond of friendship,” Imran Butt, another Virginia-based supporter of the Pakistani leader.
Saadat Rana, a Woodbridge-based businessman, said the community is “waiting anxiously to listen to Prime Minister Khan when addresses them at Capital Arena”.
“We are so happy and believe that the visit will be historic in fostering close relations and creating understanding between peoples of two countries,” he said. “We take pride in the fact that Pakistan has a dignified prime minister now. And the expatriate business community looks forward to investing in Pakistan,” Imran Igra, a New York-based entrepreneur who drove to DC for the visit, said.
A rally over 100 cars followed the prime minister from Dulles Airport to Washington D.C. to greet the leader and express their appreciation for his commitment to Pakistan’s progress.

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